Know about Doodlefy

"Happiness Everywhere" 

Doodlefy envisages to touch millions life by bringing happiness in their life. We deliver Handmade, Customized and Unique products that align perfectly to customer’s expectations. We source these from local artisans & our trusted partners to provide them a sustainable livelihood.

  1. Handmade & Customized Products
  2. 'Make To Order'-High level of Cutomization.We are here to help you in making special gift for your someone special, you just need to tell us, we will make it for you. Place your enquiry under 'Make To Order' category.
  3. Promotion and support to various NGO's and 'Self Empowerment' Group
Reason of Doodlefy's existence

In India, creativity exists in our genes, and you can easily find one creative person in each home, but as most of us follows the society and slowly pursue the careers which are rewarding in terms of monetary compensations and hence forget about the creative gene lying inside us, and becomes a member of so called 'rat race' marathon.

To match the fast pace of today’s global competitive world, while India is smartly utilizing its young demographic dividend in the field of manufacturing and IT services, people are leaving behind the feel of belongingness for their friends and family with this fast pace life. Not only people but also the much valued, traditional, delicate, time demanding, Indian handicraft is losing its place and hence raising a grave question of sustenance of local creative Artisans and eventually THE INDIAN HANDICRAFT.

To resolve above stated problems Doodlefy has come up with a solution

 “One stop destination for all kinds of handmade and customized gifting solutions & products”

We believe in the idea of spreading love and feel of belongingness in relationships by providing handmade gifting solutions which incorporates personal touch and care.

Gifts are something which makes each one of us happy. And handmade gifts are like 'icing on the cake'.

Handmade products are sourced from

  • Local small handicraft sellers
  • People who like the handicraft (eg house wives, college village girls) and want to make their talent their profession or means of sustainable income
  • NGO's who create handicraft products
  • Small SHG
  • Tribal associated in craft work
  • Doodlefy training centres etc.

And there by Doodlefy services benefit to below cases

  • Any individual who receives any gift on a special day
  • Indian handicraft who is losing its charm in the presence of foreign brands
  • Under privileged artisan, Tribal, NGO’s etc  who don’t have market place to sell its product
  • Village based artisan who sells its artwork at underpriced
  • House wife who wants to earn from home
  • Small shop owners of Indian handicraft
  • Any individual who has  art as hobby and wants to pursue that as source of income
Vision- "Happiness Everywhere"

  1. To be passionate in creating handmade and customized gifting solutions and products, which incorporates personal touch & care, and thereby spreads a feel of love & belongingness in today’s relationships
  2. To create sustainable financial income source for Indian artisan
  3. Promotion and support to various NGO's and 'Self Empowerment' Group

"We believe in belongingness" 

"We deliver trust"